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Боб саб бой

В обоих случаях он оправдал ожидания, подавляя соперников. Он компенсировал недостатки техники большой физической силой. Имея за плечами 4-месячный опыт в единоборствах, в августе года Сапп получил бой против чемпиона Pride FC Антониу Родригу Ногейры.

Благодаря превосходству в физической силе, используя весьма ограниченный арсенал технических действий, Боб сумел дать бразильцу, возможно, самый тяжёлый бой на том этапе его карьеры, не раз ставя его в критическое положение. В начале пятой минуты второго раунда Ногейра всё же поймал уставшего Саппа на болевой приём армбар , однако факт того, что новичок составил конкуренцию лучшему бойцу, резко повысил котировки Боба [2] [3].

Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Текущая версия страницы пока не проверялась опытными участниками и может значительно отличаться от версии , проверенной 18 августа ; проверки требует 1 правка. Стиль этой статьи неэнциклопедичен или нарушает нормы русского языка.

Статью следует исправить согласно стилистическим правилам Википедии. Дата обращения 2 июня Дата обращения 27 августа Скрытые категории: Википедия:Статьи с некорректным использованием шаблонов:Cite web не указан язык Википедия:Стилистически некорректные статьи Википедия:Статьи с переопределением значения из Викиданных Википедия:Биографии современников.

Пространства имён Статья Обсуждение. В других проектах Викисклад. Эта страница в последний раз была отредактирована 23 сентября в Текст доступен по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ; в отдельных случаях могут действовать дополнительные условия.

Подробнее см. Условия использования. Зверь англ. The Beast. Колорадо-Спрингс , США. Сиэтл , США. Статистика боёв на сайте Sherdog. Медиафайлы на Викискладе. Профессиональная карьера бойца итог. Осунаараси Кинтаро. Сайтама , Япония.

Форталеза , Бразилия. Александр Емельяненко. Астана , Казахстан. Соа Палелеи. Мариуш Пудзяновский. Джеймс Томпсон. Мумбай , Индия. Джакарта , Индонезия. Кобе , Хиого , Япония. Дубровник , Хорватия. Сплит , Хорватия. Йокогама , Япония. Заменил Гегарда Мусаси. Бобби Лэшли. After defeating Razor Ramon RG in his debut match for the company, it was announced that he would wrestle at the Hustlemania Yokohama Arena event.

Sapp was later put into a tag team with fellow superheavyweight Monster Bono , but a falling out between the two due to miscommunications in the ring led Sapp to attack Bono with a chair. Sapp was defeated by him, breaking his winning streak in professional wrestling.

He would try to bounce back by participating in the Hustle Grand Prix , but he was shockingly eliminated by Osaka Pro Wrestling representative Zeus after having beaten Tiger Jeet Singh. After another short rivalry with Genichiro Tenryu , Sapp was defeated in a rematch against Bono as his last appearance for Hustle.

Sapp was pitted against William "The Refrigerator" Perry as a pro wrestling representative and, despite not having any prior boxing experience, won by knocking out Perry in round 2. Ishii then invited Sapp to Japan in order to start a career on the rings, seeing a combination of great potential and great marketability in him.

The act caused a brawl on the ring when the cornermen jumped in, but Sapp was surprisingly received with cheers from the crowd. The latter had originally been slated for a kickboxing bout against K-1 fighter Mark Hunt , but negotiations fell out, as Nogueira had proposed to fight two separate bouts under mixed martial arts and kickboxing respectively, which was rejected by Hunt.

The Pride champion then accepted to fight Sapp as a replacement, noting that "nobody wanted to fight Sapp, and some other Pride fighters already had their fights matched. Sapp opened the match almost finishing Nogueira in mere seconds, as the latter charged with a takedown only to be lifted and dropped down by the American in the manner of a ganso bomb.

Sapp looked to repeat the technique, but Nogueira managed to avoid it and momentarily ready Sapp for an unsuccessful armbar. The Brazilian seized an armbar and, although Sapp blocked it, he had no left energy to resist and had to concede the hold and the match.

The fight received critical acclaim by reviewers, with website Ichiban Puroresu calling it "an awesome fight" [11] and "better drama than any fight this year," [29] Keith Vargo commenting that "victory and defeat were changing sides so fast that either man could have won any moment," [27] and Scott Newman opining it was "probably the best heavyweight fight [he had] ever seen in fact.

He almost broke his spine. When Sapp returned to the kickboxing ring the next month, this time against Cyril Abidi and with K-1 chairman Kazuyoshi Ishii as a special referee, he scored his first kickboxing victory, cornering his opponent and unloading punches and hammerfists on him for the KO.

His greatest in-ring success, though, would come in his match over K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost. His solid victory over Hoost, much like his dominant effort with Nogueira, proved that the trust put on Sapp by K-1 executives had not been in vain. Sapp would compare his situation to "taking someone off the streets and throwing him into the ring with Mike Tyson and then watching that person win," given how much he had accomplished with so little experience and training.

Two months later, Sapp was slated to fight Semmy Schilt at K-1 World Grand Prix Final , but an injury suffered by the latter granted Hoost his second chance as a replacement. Hoost followed on this tactic at the second, but Sapp eventually stunned him and knocked him down in return via repeated arm clubs to the head. The fighters went back and forth for the rest of the assault, until a drained Sapp finally managed to corner Hoost and overwhelm him with unanswered haymakers.

After rushing Takayama to the ground as usual, Sapp proved he had his own way with basic submissions by transitioning to an armbar from mount, making the wrestler tap out. Their fight reached a Despite being dedicated to mixed martial arts at the moment, Cro Cop had accepted the bout due to a lack of fighters willing to matchup with Sapp after his performance. Before this, Sapp had been placed in an upcoming fight against Francisco Filho , which had to be scrapped due to Sapp being ruled out from competition due to the injury.

However, the division was stopped after two events due to disappointing reviews and gate takes. Still, Sapp was perceived to play a role in popularizing superheavyweights like Choi or Giant Silva in the sport, which he considered an accomplishment. Sapp had trained orthodox kickboxing with fellow UFC champion Maurice Smith for the match, and it could be noted in several powerful punches and knees that stunned Leopoldo. The event in Las Vegas would not end with more controversy, as the victorious Sapp got in a verbal confrontation with former boxing Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson , who was sitting at ringside.

It was soon announced by K-1 that the match was in talks, with Tyson considering training with kickboxing coach Jacob Duran in case the bout was hosted under K-1 rules. Despite being outweighed by the first time in his career, Sapp won in with a guillotine choke. He continued challenging Tyson, claiming he would knock him out with high kicks , and also proposed a matchup against Francois Botha.

The match started with Bonjasky, famous for his flying knees and kicks, almost falling out the ring when Sapp threw him on the ropes in response to such attacks.

The American chased a covered up Bonjasky through the ring while scoring punches and knees, but his opponent eventually bypassed his defense and landed a sharp roundhouse kick to end the first round. Bonkasky kept landing through the second, knocking Sapp down with a combination, but Sapp answered by pushing him to the ground and landing a heavy illegal punch. As Bonjasky refused to continue after the strike, Sapp was disqualified. At the end of the year, Sapp was involved in a highly publicized matchup at K-1 Premium with former yokozuna Akebono Taro , who was doing his debut.

He attacked Akebono with low kicks and punching combinations to the head and body, knocking him down twice before finishing him by KO at Showing improvement in his MMA technique, Sapp defended from his guard after being taken down, trading short strikes from there and threatening with Kimura locks. Sumyaabazar ended up passing his guard, but Sapp reversed and captured his back, almost closing a rear naked choke, Sumyaabazar had to abandon the match before the second round due to a groin injury.

Although the American looked to strike, Fujita scored an early takedown and initiated a grappling scuffle. Fujita kept landing brutal kicks and punches to a desperateley covered up Sapp until the latter tapped out at At K-1 Premium Dynamite!! Sapp spent the first round covering and guarding up, almost being finished, but he recovered in the second one by taking down Le Banner and raining ground and pound from the mount. He kept the momentum at the third, utilizing a defensive strategy of charging and clinching to neutralize Le Banner; however, most of the action would take place at the fourth and last, which saw the two trading dominant positions and ended with Sapp looking for an armlock.

Under the agreed upon rules, the fight was declared a draw. Although the debutant Kim, clad in a full judogi, managed to cut Sapp with an early punch, the American swiftly overpowered him and knocked him out to punches in a minute.

This prepared Sapp for a run to the K-1 Hiroshima Grand Prix, where he would face three fighters on a single night in order to qualify for the K-1 World Grand Prix. In a departure from his explosive yet ephemeral performances up to the point, Sapp showcased greatly improved stamina and much better technique, gained both after intensive training under his long time friend Sam Greco.

Sapp met upcoming fighter Yoshihiro Nakao in the quarter-final, where he would fight all three rounds in dominant fashion. Nakao taunted Sapp during the fight, but the American kept landing kicks and knees in addition to his personal bullrushing style, including also previously unseen counterstrikes. This time Sapp increased his aggression and came near to finishing Hori early with a barrage of punches and a cut, but the Japanese resisted and kept him at bay with high kicks towards the end of the first round.

The second would see Sapp uncharacteristically standing still and inviting his opponent to charge at him, which he capitalized on to knock down Hori with hooks before finishing him. The American methodically dismantled Tomihira, scoring two consecutive knockdowns in the first seconds and almost finishing him in the last ones with a cornering barrage. After slowing down in the second and third rounds, where they exchanged kicks and punches, Sapp controlled him for a unanimous decision win, taking the victory at the tournament.

Restarted the fight on the feet, Sapp knocked Karaev out with a left jab. However, although Sapp came aggressively again in the second round, his stamina started faltering, giving Choi the chance to unload multiple punches. On May 13, , Sapp was to headline the K-1 show in the Netherlands against Ernesto Hoost , in which Hoost had stated that it was to be his last match in the Netherlands before his retirement. Sapp attended all the pre-fight press conferences and even attended the opening ceremonies for the show.

It is unclear at the moment as to why, but Sapp pulled out of the event midway through the show. K-1 issued a statement claiming Sapp pulled out due to new demands he brought to promoters during the show. Sapp lost the fight by KO within 20 seconds in the first round by a knee to the liver. After his falling out with K-1, Sapp began to get offers from World Wrestling Entertainment as well as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to work with them, but his K-1 contract prohibited him from going through with any return to the ring.

Ologun was unable to mount any effective offense as he was quickly run down and overpowered by Sapp in the first round. Since his last matches for K-1 in , Sapp continued his career for small promotions in a limited, non-competitive in-ring way that was described as throwing fights.

He would step into the ring after great amounts of promotion, often against upcoming stars and heavily promoted local fighters, only to turtle down and tap out in a few seconds.

I saw some of his fights, he was fighting in Europe. To me, it looked like he was doing that with some intention. He just wanted to lose the fight. When asked about it, Sapp denied he was throwing fights, and claimed he was doing this routine to collect quick paychecks in a late career he did not deem economically worthy to risk his health. Will I go into that ring and receive large amounts of damage for small paychecks?

When it came to K-1, at the time, when everyone at K-1 was doing well, they get paid significantly enough to have you go into that ring, and hey, any kind of injury you get, they are going to pay. If you want to get hurt for a small amount of money in a fight, we call that the military. So you know what? They say fight business, and I am in the business of making money. How do I judge whether I have a successful fight? Success is judged by the measure of improvement. The measure of improvement in business is money.

Though Cage Rage promoter Andy Geer said that the UFC show would not affect ticket sales for CR21, the signing of Sapp was a clear sign that the company knew it would need a superstar draw in order to successfully compete with the American promotion. A few days before the event Bob Sapp pulled out of the scheduled fight. Sapp was defeated at the second mark of the first round by TKO after receiving an unanswered amount of punches.

He fought and lost to Bobby Lashley at Ultimate Chaos in Biloxi, Mississippi , on June 27, , due to first round tapout from strikes.

Sapp was scheduled to fight at K1 Dynamite!! This is typical [of Sapp]. Sapp tapped out due to a Thompson takedown that caused a leg injury to Sapp in the first round. Sapp was dropped with a body shot, stood back up but was then finished with body shots followed by couple of right hooks.

Sapp lost the bout via TKO in the first round. Sapp received intense striking during the first round and was taken down at the second, but he reversed Osunaarashi as they fell and gained top position, from which he controlled the rest of the round. He went to dominate an uneventful last round for a unanimous decision and his first MMA win in nearly nine years.

She provided photographs of the alleged injuries and told how she had been abused by Sapp for six years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 30 December American professional wrestler and actor. September 22, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved January 17, National Football League. Archived from the original on November 22, Retrieved December 1, Total Mma: Inside Ultimate Fighting. ECW Press. Chicago Bears. Archived from the original on April 28, Retrieved April 25, Archived from the original on March 11, Retrieved April 1, Puroresu Central.

Retrieved April 13, Ichiban Puroresu. October Retrieved January 1, August Retrieved December 30, Retrieved January 5, Retrieved September 21, Archived from the original on September 29, USA Today. Dramatic Dream Team in Japanese.

Archived from the original on May 30, Retrieved December 23, Sports Navi in Japanese. July 24, Archived from the original on November 6, New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japanese. Retrieved January 4, Retrieved April 7, September 8, Archived from the original on September 11, Retrieved September 8, Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved December 15, July 4, December 17, The Oratory.

January 5, February MMA Fighting. April


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  2. Bob Sapp Sapp in Born Robert Malcolm Sapp () September 22, (age 46) Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. Other names The Beast Nationality American Height 6 ft 5 in ( cm) Weight lb ( kg; 23 st 7 lb) Division Super Heavyweight Reach 82 in ( cm) Fighting out of Seattle, Washington, U.S. Team Team Beast Fighting out of: Seattle, Washington, U.S.
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  7. Вчера 30 декабря года, в стране восходящего солнца - Японии, прошел поединок Федора Емельяненко против Боба Саппа. Выступления Федора под новый год давно уже стали традицией и видимо он не.
  8. Благодаря превосходству в физической силе, используя весьма ограниченный арсенал технических действий, Боб сумел дать бразильцу, возможно, самый тяжёлый бой Гражданство: США.

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